Friday, 29 May 2009

Street Carers Initial Training Session

A date and venue are finally confirmed for the pilot training session for Cardiff Street Carers.

County Hall, Atlantic Wharf, Committee Room 1

7.00 - 10.00pm

Thursday July 9th 2009

The agreed outline of the evening's content can be downloaded from here

An email has been circulated to all who have attended a Street Carers' Forum meeting and given a contact address.

Everyone has to register for this event, to help with organisation, and planning for future events.

There's a .doc file of the registration form you can edit, and email back to our brand new email address :-

There is a .pdf of the registration form you can download, print and post to 'SCFRG Scribe', c/o St John the Baptist City Parish Church, St John Street, Cardiff CF10 1GJ

Please do your best to return a form, by one route or another before 2nd July.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Street Carers Forum Representative Group meets again

The SCFRG met tonight at County Hall to review plans for the forthcoming volunteer training session. It's not been possible to set a firm date for the event, due to diary conflicts on the part of several whose contributions are sought. Agreement is being sought on a midweek evening in the second half of June or early July.

An outline plan of the evening is appended to the notes of the meeting, which can be found here

The date of the training will be posted on this site, as soon as it is agreed.