Thursday, 19 March 2009

Forum Representatives meet HANR team

Ten members of the Street Carers Forum Representative Group met tonight with Mike Friel and Paul Whittingham, plus two observers interested in the work.

Working on the basis of the Terms of Reference the discussion focussed on what would be required to realise a formal partnership agreement between the Street Carers Forum and the Council, within the framework of the existing Voluntary Sector Compact framework.

Preparations to lay on a training scheme for team leaders and volunteers, with a pilot evening session for evaluation purposes in June, were discussed, informed by a document prepared for the Representative Group by Louise Thomas. Louise and Paula will liaise on the provision of suitable content and people to deliver it. The Representative Group will meet again at the end of May.

An account of the deliberations of the meeting can be found here

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Representative Group first meeting

The representative group established at the meeting of 28th January last met with all members present for the first time tonight, to review the draft terms of reference and share ideas about the subject matter for a proposed induction / training evening for Street Care volunteers. The group will be known as the Street Carers Forum Representative Group (SCFRG). Whilst it's a bit of a mouthful, the title affirms that its purpose is to represent as far as possible the views of the Street Carer fraternity, both in consensus and diversity, in building a partnership relationship with the City Council and other bodies.

The agreed revised terms of reference can be found here

An account of the deliberations of the meeting can be found here